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Lament for a job I used to really like. [May. 2nd, 2011|10:00 pm]
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Well, things have been going ...... not too well.
For anyone's information, if you need a job, you take whatever you can get to get by. I advise against Advance Auto Parts, except as maybe a part-timer. No one in their right mind would want to be in management for one of their stores. Starting 4 years ago, when we got a Mass Merchandiser CEO from Best Buy, the company started going down hill. First they started cutting hours for store operations. They also started trimming back on the variety of merchandise we carry on the sales floor. (ever been in a store that didn't carry enough kinds of merchandise to fill all their shelves??) The the stocking levels of the merchandise we did carry was trimmed back to what they called the amount expected to sell over a given time period (... we keep running out before we can get any restock). Replenishment has become slow.  And the pressure is always on the SELL...SELL...SELL!!!
Then they cut out the Second Assistant Manager position. They gathered all of us Parts Pros together and TOLD us we were now management, whether we wanted to be or not, and started loading us with lots of new duties and responsibilities, all overlain with loads of catch phrases, slogans, and other forms of mindless hype. I guess they just wanted more management at a cheaper price. We weren't even allowed to step down to a regular counter postition.... they were all supposed to be only part time positions now. How can they expect part timers, however good some of them are, to be as good as a dedicated full time counter person???
Now, they've eliminated most of the Assistant Manager positions, to be filled with Parts Pros.  The Assistant manager position had included a mandatory 10 hours of overtime. I guess they needed to cut expenses again.... making me wonder at the financial health of the company.
Over the last four years, Advance Auto Parts has changed from a casual, industrious, productive, enjoyable place to work with high moral, to a heavily regimented, high pressure, high stress one. I can't believe they actually WANTED the moral of the average employee to be as low as it seems to be now, so I can only assume that the people running the company now suffer from a lack of a grasp of reality, very much like the people running our government these days.
Bear in mind that this is just the opinion of one employee, who has been forced, under threat of losing his job, to take on a management position that he never wanted, and still doesn't.
I have to have a job.
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